We are showing how elegant we can stay while being casual. Indeed on this business casual look, Sir Tiger did not respect some fundamentals rules to enhance his effortless elegance. Dress aesthetically and comfortably are the only things that matter in the street.

Blazer by Lino Ieluzzi, Pocket Square by Daniel Cremieux,Tie by Jfé & Co, Shirt by Ralph Lauren, Custom Pants, Shoes by Churchs.

The Spring Issue

Spring is here everybody !! My favorite time of the year we can now put away our winter outerwear pieces and replace them by some lighter garments. For this article I choose to present you two simple and casual looks which can fit perfectly with the on-going weather. You can notice that I wear a jacket on each outfit which is pretty interesting. For the first look I wore a seersucker bomber jacket from the japanese brand Mr Gentleman. The seersucker is an all-cotton fabric, very light and perfect for the spring and the summer. For the second look I wore a vintage Gap corduroy jacket from 1972. Unlike what you can think this jacket is very light and breatheable. Here are the full-looks below. Enjoy !

Outfit: Brixton Hat, Mr Gentleman Seersucker Bomber Jacket, Tailored Pants, Rivieras Denim Espadrilles

Outfit: Wide Brim Hat, Vintage Corduroy Gap Jacket, Uniqlo Tee, H&M Skinny Denim, Cole Haan Lunargrand Tassel Loafers


Art is the expression of the self through an abstraction of the exterior world.

Art is the representation of beauty.

Art is the most primitive way of communication.

Art is the gift of pleasure that is never given but taken by both parties.

Art is the connection between minds.

Art is the element that can be found in the quintessence of everything.

Art is the refuge of the lost metaphysical entities in a physical world.

Art is the butterfly’s lifetime.

Art is the selfish most generous journey discovered by humanity.

Art is the individuality in collectivities.

Art is the most efficient way of self affirmation.

Art is the beginning of the acceptance of our existence.

Art is the residence of the most individualistic utopic depiction of life.

Art is the most expensive vanity.

Art is everything.

Art is nothing. 

















THE Tuxedo

For the second edition of the Sir Tiger's Closet, let’s talk about a staple in your wardrobe: the tuxedo. You have at least one time in your life faced a situation where you had to be formally dressed for a  big nights events such as an awards ceremony,  dinner, business cocktails, weddings and other events that require you to be dressed in accordance with the occasion . In general those events required a tuxedo or a dinner jacket. The tuxedo is a "must have'' for every gentlemen invited to a classy evening. Most people wear them the classic way. For instance with bow tie or black tie. In general they pair it with dark oxford shoes or an evening pump.  Some people preferred to be fancy and gimmicky with colors and skinny suit.
For this look, I go with a made-to-measurement 2 buttons and double vents tuxedo from Jfé&Co. Accessorize it with a black velvet tie from Zara, a black pair of Stubbs & Wootton velvet slippers and a thin pair of black socks. I spiced my look with a pair of tortoise for more seriousness. I rarely try to have a perfect look with my pocket square, so that’s why I put it randomly in my pocket to have this unperfected outcome.
My 5 most important advices when you are dressing for a classy event are: 

-Dress with a fitted  suit no matter how loose you like your style. 
-Be playful with smooth dark fabric: velvet, silk, satin tweed for accessories 
-Go Cordovan, velvets and dark leather shoes (black preferably) 
- It is a formal event do not break the rules! 
-Be minimal! (No matter your style, the price or origin of your evening pieces)


For the second part of our Outlier editorial, I choose to show the underground london aesthetic especially skinhead. Back in the 60's, this subculture was not assimilated to what it is today. In fact most of the Skinheads were multiracial, peaceful people and above all apolitical. If we want to give an equivalent to our modern society, they were the "hipster" of that time. So for this editorial we tried to played on the typical skinhead aesthetic but in a stylish way. For that i wore red flannel shirt and a olive bomber jacket from the japanese brand Tigre Brocante. I paired it with a blue denim and some Black Polo Ralph Lauren Boots. Check the full-look below.



In our contemporary world, for most people, what you wear defines who you are. if you wear all black everything outfit everytime people will considered you as a gothic and a hard-rock metal music fan. But it can be false and most of the times those thinking are due to stereotypes. For this first part of our editorials called " Outlier Series", we used a dark esthetic with this black tonal outfit. I  wore this grey wool coat with a black knit sweater. I also wore this white shirt unnderneath to highlight the different shade of colors. I accessorized it with some dark pieces like this huge Amish hat and this black scarf to accentuate the " goth-style ". I finally paired it with a low waist black denim and some RIck Owens x Adidas Shoes Collaboration. Check the full look below.


Cold Vibes

First edition of The Sir Tiger's Closet

It’s getting cold and nobody wants to be out without warm clothes. Most people wait until the last minute to do shopping for this coming season, but don’t worry your previews seasons clothes are still here. I showed with this street-casual look how to combine a blazer on a cardigan. As you can see, I played on the color blue and burgundy and added a pattern .Don’t be afraid to dress with different tones or shades of color. Another great addition to this outfit is pairing my look with high buckled dress boots.  There are no rules on the street. So during this cold weather season, do not be afraid to try new things. Play with layers. Just make it Aesthetic!


The Denim Issue

Every man needs a good pair of denim, but this is not a requirement that is very easy to meet. As an active man I have to find a pair of jeans that fits me and allows me to go through all my activities like longboarding or walking for a long time without having them to fall apart. So after desperately cruising between different brands of jeans and getting close to desperation, I got more into raw selvedge denim. Why do I think that raw selvedge denims are better than the regular ones? Well for a handful of reasons.

First, the raw selvedges are more resistant than the non-selvedge denims. The selvedge denims are made based on the old standard of production. In the 1990s the demand for demand increased and companies switched to a faster cheaper and less demanding way of production (more details about selvedge production on

Another good point beside the way they are crafted if the fact that they are personable. Selvedge denims are meant to be worn almost everyday through everything. That allows the fabric to stretch and fold to the curve of the body and overtime create a pair of jeans that are cut for you and also and also very comfortable. In addition to the cut that feels better the dye gradually wears off as you wear to give you some very accurate and authentic fades. Also maintaining raw selvedge denim is something very easy to do, just wear it a lot. If they get musty, no biggy! Just put them in the freezer to kill get rid of the smell or send them for a dry cleaning. To sum up I switched form regular jeans to raw selvedge denims because I’m lazy when it comes to take care of clothes and I like beautiful durable item. If you feel like this is an accurate description of you who are you know how to make your life easier while you sport a nice look.


Every new season we have to solve the problem of being well dressed in our daily routine battling between appearance and usefulness or comfort. We all have different style and our preferences when it comes to shoes varies from one individual to another. For this sunny part of the year, most of us wants to walk around or ride a bike to enjoy the nice weather. That’s why among the largest list of amazing shoes that can be worn during this season, we decide to restrict ourself to our nine favorite picks.

Nike Mayfly Woven Navy Church's Brown Brogue Tretorn Nylite White Canvas

Nike Mayfly Woven Navy

Church's Brown Brogue

Tretorn Nylite White Canvas

Zara Navy Driver Mocassins House of Hounds Burgundy Tassels Loafers Rivieras Espadrilles

Zara Navy Driver Mocassins

House of Hounds Burgundy Tassels Loafers

Rivieras Espadrilles

  Black Canvas Espadrilles Air Max 90 ICE Red Adidas Stan Smith White/Navy


Black Canvas Espadrilles

Air Max 90 ICE Red

Adidas Stan Smith White/Navy


Fashion works with trends from a generation, to another. The gentlemen wardrobe has a consistent list of basic shoes that are considered ''must have'' that varies from one individual to another depending on the personal style, taste and adaptability. The basics of male footwear includes a variety of shoes like the derby, the oxford, the desert boot, the driver loafer and an all-white sneaker. Most of these shoes are part of the starter kit but lack a bit of edge. To fill up the gap we bring the double monk strap. This shoe has witness a sudden appreciation in the menswear industry the past two years. The great grandson of the monk shoe has come back in style in a very modern and youthful appearance. Today you can have it in suede, leather and even canvas showcasing cuts like brogue. Even if the double monk strap is really an oxford with a pair of twin buckles, the shoe came tremendously improve one's look by adding a dapper touch to the outfit. In this article we are going to showcase three different types of double monk straps assorted with different styles.

(Click on the picture to see the gallery)

Carl G. for instance prefers the brown double monk strap in leather with two different tones. He wore it with some plane blue socks and kept one the buckles open. He chose this two tones double monk strap because it is easier to match with different belts and accessories. In this case the dark brown crocodile belt added some contrast to the casual look with linen suit.

Brice E., on the other hand wore a brogue cut double monk strap. The dark brown shoe was casually worn with some straight cut stripped trousers and a striped shirt. This double monk  would usually be worn in a more professional and strict outfit, but in our case Brice decided to go the other way and wear it with a summery outfit with the band collar shirt and the stripes.

Carl K had on a classic suede version of the double monk. He wore a slim fit chino shorten at the bottom with a nice blue shirt under a beige seersucker blazer. This looks shows the infinity of possibilities of this shoe.


Who looks good, feels good and outperforms. In order to have an easier life when it comes to finding the right albeit, one has to look a certain way. Not to say that there is a best looking body type, but an average athletic looking people can fit in a wider range of clothes than the frail or the fluffy type. Knowing that most of us does not have the time and the strength to follow a hard core diet all year we have decided to show you what we do in order to stay in shape, and for this reason we are going to let you in our life beside the white wall.

Our penchant for exotic cultures is also expressed in our way of training, in order to maintain mental and physical health we chose Muay-Thai. We picked this martial art because it works on many aspects flexibility, muscle toning, speed, agility, control and most of all mental strength. Muay-Thai being what fits us, we strongly encourage you to figure out what fits you the best to keep you strong and away from all the wellness problem associated with the contemporary lifestyle.

the aesthetists


For me hip hop is a subculture like rock'n'roll, punk that permit to express ourselves. So for this post I tried to keep it simple by put it on a green baseball jersey with a grey sweater. I wore also this black jeans that I " pinrolled " to make a focus on my sneakers. I love those yellow and blue Adidas sneakers, they have this vintage feel with this blue and yellow color scheme. I choose to wear them because I think that they give a pop to my outfit.


For my last outfit I choose to be very street-friendly, hip/hop friendly. I wore a plain black tee shirt that I think it should be an essential piece in every man wardrobe. I choose to wear this satin bomber Jacket that I bought in a thrift store for only 12 dollars. What I love this jacket is orange embroidery on the back which for me matches perfectly with the black satin material of the jacket. Also I wore this green pants those black Frisk sneakers that give a more grown look to this outfit. To complete my look and stay in the same hip hop mind, I wore a black New Era fitted cap.


For this hip hop inspired look, I wore this all black everything outfit, from the head to the toe. As you can see I wore a black tee, black shawl collar tuxedo, black pants and even black velvet slippers. I added some contrast to this look with the variety of texture and the bright floral patterns on the 5 panels hat. The visor in the back is a wink to the hip hop culture. All black everything is a Jay-z reference which is for me one of the best rapper alive.

Early Spring | Brice Esso

The vivid season is not always warm as we all know. So when the spring decides to wear its chilly coat, I put on my warm leather jacket . For this style I complemented the leather jacket with some rugged elements like a ripped T shirt and some ripped black jeans with paint detail to add a slight accent. The look is then balanced with a pair of black tasseled velvet loafers to give a good kid appearance after all.


Early Spring | Carl Gbinssey

The spring is the time when you don’t want to be cold even if you are dressed lightly. For this outfit, I was enthusiast to play with pastel colors.I choose to wore those colourful hand made bracelet to give a certain aesthetic to my style. You can never really going wrong with the first feeling in term of style and choice on a daily routine. Simplicity is the key


Early Spring | Carl Keita

For this outfit I chose to be simple. I wore a wool camel coat and a african print shirt with skinny levis jeans. In order to spice up this outfit I added some little bright details like the geometric print socks from happy socks and the navajo 5 panels hat from Obey. Finally, I wore my vintage tasseled loafersthat I think match perfectly with the spirit of this outfit.



Around fifty years ago, Africa has experienced a revival in the world of photography. Around the continent, young photographers have emerged with pioneering work that until today are  worth attention. This age was characterized by the movement of independence of European colonies. There was also the youth in the quest for its own identity after the colonization. They called themselves a Nation but did not know who they were supposed to be. This burning desire for identity led to a self expression of the population affirming loudly their taste and approach of life. What more could our imagery pioneers have asked?

Despite the limitation of the film stock they were using, the artists were able to create colorful images through their extravagant models with fierce poses. Also, the European Dandy influence of the time lead the steps for their clothing styles: three pieces suits, hat, glasses , sunglasses, stripes, ties, suspender and even coats. It was the recipe for success at the time. The motto was, "no matter what, dress elegantly to claim your identity and carry your image higher than the dust raised by the flowing fabric of the pants hovering the sandy African tracks."

Thus, through the lenses of the photographers of that time  we are left with a very contrasted legacy. 


Photograph taken by Seydou Keita, Mali

60's couple by Clic Clac Baby, Cote D'ivoire

Malick Sidibe's photo of a cool kid, Mali

Navy Blue Jacket | Brice Esso

The Navy blue blazer for me is a blank canvas, an unexposed film ready to receive the paint or the light. The piece is definitely the man’s best friend by its ability to adapt to very look. For this look I decided to play with contrast. I assembled the piece with some printed vibrant pants which contrasted very well with the white long shirt. In order to revive the whole look and add a bit of control the double monk strap and the white pocket square were the bienvenues.

Navy Blue Jacket | Carl Keita

The navy blue blazer is a basic but very important piece that every man should own. It can match with pretty much everything and in every situation. In this look, I wore the navy blue jacket in a casual way. I assembled the blazer with some distresses camo pants and a sailor sweater. I choose to complete this outfit with a Floral converse all-star that I bought last summer. The flowers on this shoe give a summer feel to my outfit.

Of course The desert camo pocket square was added just to fill in the blank